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Unable to logon using IE

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Hi All

I'm trying to write an app which must logon to a secure site using VPN and then reset certain PC logon sessions as required, this will be sent to the app via email.

I am starting at he Logn to the secure site but I am already having problems here. Try as I may, I am unable to automate this.

Here is some of my source code:

#include <IE.au3>
If Not WinExists("Authception Login Page", "" ) _
    Then _OpenBrowser()

Func _OpenBrowser()
    $oIE = ShellExecute ("iexplore.exe", "")
    _WinWaitActivate("Security Alert", "Information" )
    ControlClick("Security Alert", "Information you exchange", "Button1")
    _WinWaitActivate("Authception Login Page - Microsoft Internet Explorer", "" )

_WinWaitActivate("Authception Login Page", "" )

ControlClick("Authception Login Page", "", "[CLASS:Internet Explorer_Server; INSTANCE:1]", 100, 115)
MouseClick("Primary", 100, 115)
ControlClick("Authception Login Page", "", "[Class:IEFrame]", 100, 145)
MouseClick("Primary", 100, 145)
ControlClick("Authception Login Page", "", "[Class:Internet Explorer_Server]", 50, 170)
MouseClick("Primary", 50, 170)

Func _WinWaitActivate($title,$text,$timeout=0)
    If Not WinActive($title,$text) Then WinActivate($title,$text)

I have tried to attach the source code of the logon page but I am unable to attach this as a text file, it under 4KB.

Can someone please assist me or give me some directions on how to logon to this site?


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