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numeric values for picture and then compare.

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I am not only new auto it...i am also new any sort of programing.

with this code i captured the pictures

#Include <GDIPlus.au3>

#Include <ScreenCapture.au3>

; Capture region

_ScreenCapture_Capture(@MyDocumentsDir & "\GDIPlus_Image1.bmp", 454, 452, 530, 466)

; Capture region

_ScreenCapture_Capture(@MyDocumentsDir & "\GDIPlus_Image1.bmp", 69, 868, 126, 882)

; Capture region

_ScreenCapture_Capture(@MyDocumentsDir & "\GDIPlus_Image1.bmp", 256, 868, 316, 882)

after taking screen shots i renamed them and crate a directory named eBay in my documents and put them there.

26 screen shots of a browser of specific region,And saved all as picture1.bmp to picture26.bmp in eBay directory.

i want do

Set numeric values for my all 26 pictures such as.

set numeric value to pictures.such as Picture1.bmp numeric value 8,picture2.bmp numeric value 4,picture3.bmp numeric value 1.

click on specific region of browser

then wait a sec


click on specific region of browser

after that

match the 3 pictures(among 26 i already saved in eBay directory) with match it with screen.

Then call up the values for those pictures and do math operation.

math operation is like this picture1 numeric value + picture2 numeric value +picture3 numeric value i.e. (8+4+1)=13

now i want to perform certain action if total numeric value of 3 pictures lees than 9 and greater than 11 i.e (9,10,11) then perform a action.

if the total numeric value less than 9 and greater than 11 i.e.(5,6,7,8,12,13,14) then perform another action.

Thanks to GeoSoft i am able to understand the math operation.

His suggestion

$Picture1_value = 8

$picture2_value = 4

$picture3_value = 1

$iTotal = $Picture1_value + $picture2_value + $picture3_value

Switch $iTotal

Case 9, 10, 11


Case Else




I found many topics many topics regarding image search.

As am new to any sort programing i found too much difficulty to what i need,

How set Value for picture?

How to compare saved 3 pictures with screen of browser?/ specific region of browser?

How to the call the numeric Value when 3 picture will be found?

In My city no Computer Institution teaches auto it. so i can not learn from my place.

If I have to learn , i have to learn from you guys.

can any one provide me a example script for my project.

Thanks in Advance.

Screen Shot of the browser


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