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How to get the value of an text box

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I have a small GUI like getting two numbers and want to add those two numbers.

Here i used AutoIt script to test this small GUI.

Here is the code for your reference:

If WinExists("[TITLE:Test Form]") Then

;MsgBox(0, "", "Window exists")

$list = ProcessList("TestApplication.exe")

for $i = 1 to $list

WinActivate("[TITLE:Test Form]", "")



MsgBox(0, "", "Please Open the Appication")


$sNo = ControlGetText("[TITLE:Test Form]", "txtFirstNumber", 1770450)



--Issue noticed here is 'ControlId' of ControlGetText() changes when we relaunch the GUI, So i am not able to get the value of the textbox to proceed further..

It would be really great,if someone could help me..

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Look up ProcessList() in the help file. It returns an array, not an integer appropriate for your For/Next loop.

Look up Controls in the help file. Review the various "special descriptions" that can be used to identify a control.


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