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Connect to online SQL database

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I'm sure that AutoIt is very capable of a lot of things, but im not sure that it capable of doing what I need it to do, from surfing the forum's and looking at SQL Lite which is a severless database.

The reason why I don't know if AutoIt is capable for what I'm doing is because I need it to connect to an online MySQL database(on my domain) and view a table. But AutoIt only has syntax for SQL Lite which doesn't have the power to connect online, as it is a severless database.

Also I need the program to either use it as an array or convert it too one!

The above seems a bit short, but I couldn't think of what else to put, so if you need any more details just ask!

I just want to know if this is possible and how please? Thanks

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Theres info in the udf

; Function Name:   _MySQL_Real_Connect
; Description::    attempts to establish a connection to a MySQL database engine running on $Host.
;                    mysql_real_connect() must complete successfully before you can execute any
;                    other API functions that require a valid MYSQL connection handle structure.
; Parameter(s):    $MySQL_ptr   - Pointer to the MySQL struct
;                  $Host        - hostname or an IP address
;                  $User        - MySQL login ID
;                  $Pass        - password for user (no password: "" (empty string))
;                  $Database    - default database (no default db: "" (empty string))
;                  $Port        - If port is not 0, the value is used as the port number for the TCP/IP connection.
;                  $unix_socket - specifies the socket or named pipe that should be used. (no pipe: "" (empty string))
;                  $Client_Flag - flags to enable features
; Requirement(s):  libmysql.dll
; Return Value(s): A MYSQL* connection handle if the connection was successful, NULL if the connection
;                    was unsuccessful. For a successful connection, the return value is the same as the
;                    value of the first parameter.
; Author(s):       Prog@ndy
; Further Information: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/en/mysql-real-connect.html

Further Information: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/en/mysql-real-connect.html

GDIPlusDispose - A modified version of GDIPlus that auto disposes of its own objects before shutdown of the Dll using the same function Syntax as the original.EzMySql UDF - Use MySql Databases with autoit with syntax similar to SQLite UDF.
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