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_ExcelReadArray Issues

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I'm creating an AutoIT script to automate an Excel sheet to Excel sheet transfer including some transformations. Basically column A from one sheet is moved to Column D, Column B to Column A, etc etc. This should be a relatively simple script, but am having an issue with the script crashing after a specific set of code. I ripped out all the GUI code and other random calls and ran the script. It works without any issues. See Code below. When i put the same exact code into my full code, I get an _ExcelReadArray error which makes no sense to me. Any assistance you can provide is appreciated.

Working Test Code without any issues:

Local $oExcelMDS, $oExcelGSK, $TempArray

$oExcelMD = _ExcelBookOpen("file1")
$oExcelGS = _ExcelBookOpen("file2")

_ExcelSheetActivate($oExcelMD, "ISS")
_ExcelSheetActivate($oExcelGS, "B")

$TempArray = _ExcelReadArray($oExcelGS, 4, 3, 17, 1)
_ExcelWriteArray($oExcelMD, 10, 6, $TempArray, 1)

Error Message experienced by dumping the same code into my full program:

C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\Include\Excel.au3 (530) : ==> The requested action with this object has failed.:

$oExcel.Activesheet.Cells(($xx - $iIndexBase) + $iStartRow, $iStartColumn).Value = $aArray[$xx]

$oExcel.Activesheet.Cells(($xx - $iIndexBase) + $iStartRow, $iStartColumn)^ ERROR

->11:36:53 AutoIT3.exe ended.rc:1

The same exact files are being used to generate one vs. the other.

I can post any other code as required.

Any assistance from the community is appreciated.

-Work Smarter, Not Harder, Use More AutoIT

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Nevermind. It wasn't the read array, it was my write array. Had a bad variable that I corrected. Thanks for the views anyway. =)

-Work Smarter, Not Harder, Use More AutoIT

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