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AutoIT as front-end to SQLite?

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Here's the plan:

- Find a BASIC-like, easy language for Windows that lets me (at best) compile SQLite statically into the executable or (at worst) lets me build a single EXE that calls sqlite3.dll

- This language should support features like opening a TCP socket, regexing the query, forwarding it to SQLite, and sending back the results

- If the SQL query was a SELECT and SQLite returns more than a couple pages worth of data, the language should provide a Gzip library so that the front-end server returns compressed data. I don't know if Gzip is the same format as ZIP, but anyway, it should be in a format that whatever HTTP library .Net offers is able to decompress

Before I invest time learning how to do this in AutoIT, I need confirmation that it supports the above features and, hence, is the right tool for the job. Otherwise, I'll have to learn more about about C (shudder).

Thank you for any help.

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As far as AutoIt:

- Static = No ; Using the SQLite.au3 library that the user here have already created that can utilize sqlite3.dll = yes; Compile your autoit script into a standalone exe yes.

- TCP/UDP = Yes; "Forward" it to SQLite ... Well when you write the send code and receive code, sure

- Compress your file to zip ( GZip I'm not familiar with ), sure using 3rd party tools such as 7zip commandline features, or native shell window functions. I believe there's even a user made udf for that.

Other languages:

I'm sure most could do all the above as well. The question is, how much time do you have to learn, how much do you already know, and is it feasible for you to be the one to do the project.

Common sense plays a role in the basics of understanding AutoIt... If you're lacking in that, do us all a favor, and step away from the computer.

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Thanks for the help. It's OK if I have to provide an EXE + SQLite DLL, provided AutoIT or some 3rd-party is able to handle sockets and zipping data back to the client just like web servers do.

I'll take a look at samples to build a prototype.

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