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Directories out of order

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I'm sorry if I'm repeating an old topic.

I am providing a network path to FileFindFirstFile (with FileFindNextFile) or _FileListToArray. I need a filtered and sorted list of the directories in the provided path.

The list of directories returned is not in order. The directory names are "47100009", "47100010",...,"47100050". The first directory in the returned list is always "47100040" followed by "47100031" and then others in somewhat mixed up order.

Why are they out of order? They do not seem to be organized by date, size or name.

The FileFindFirstFile has an extremely useful filter, but I cannot find a way to sort the results.

With the directory list in an array I can sort it, but filtering the list has not been simple. I'm working through this solution - iterating through the list and skipping unwanted directories. Is there a way to filter the array directly?

Thank you,

Shawn Matlock

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I use this to filter my arrays with wildcards.

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