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Help with StringRegExp!

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How can I use StringRegExp to detect this format of string: [Drive]\[Folder1]\[Folder2]\[...]\[Filename][.ext1][.ext2(exe, bat)]

Sample paths :


Thanks alot! :idea:

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your regular expression would be something like this:


First group is the drive, second group is the path, third group is the filename.

You'll have to parse the path using stringexplode on the backslash "\" if you want to further break it down.

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Cause I'm tired and have to stay awake:

#include <Array.au3> ; Only for _ArrayDisplay()

Global $aStrings[4] = ["C:\British\SpitFire.html.exe", _
    "C:\Luftwaffe\Stuka.txt.exe", _
    "D:\Soviet\Sturmovik.doc.bat", _

Global $sPatt = "(?i)([[:alpha:]]:)(?:\\)(.+)(?:\\)(.+\.(?:exe|bat)\Z)", $aRET

For $n = 0 To UBound($aStrings) - 1
    $aRET = StringRegExp($aStrings[$n], $sPatt, 3)
    If IsArray($aRET) Then
        _ArrayDisplay($aRET, $n & ": $aRET")
        ConsoleWrite($n & ": Failed: @error = " & @error & "; @extended = " & @extended & @LF)


Edit: Forgot the alternative (exe|bat)

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