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Aquire a list of input devices?

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Read the second paragraph if you just want know the problem.

I am writing a small program for running the Flash Media Encoder 2.5 command line. The program is almost entirely done but I was putting off a major part because aside from my limited knowledge on the topic this program was initially going to be used only be me. But seeing the enormous amount of people attempting to stream on live streams these days I feel that releasing this may help those who want to use the command line version of FME but have little knowledge on it's use. Basically the program imitates the FME GUI but uses much less resources and is simply meant to start the command line FME with the given settings. Some of you may know that the FME GUI is quite CPU intensive even while not streaming.

Now that I got that out of the way I should probably mention the problem I ran into. FME being a video streaming program requires that you inform it as to what devices you want to use for the video and audio input. So far I have cheated by simply writing in the correct text into the combobox. However that will not work for the general public who have many different hardware configurations. So essentially what I need to know is if it is possible to retrieve the Video and Audio devices with AutoIt. For example Stereo Mix or a Microphone for the audio, and VH Screen Capture for the Video. Any help is greatly appreciated and all questions welcome.

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