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SQLite round(x,0) doesn't return an integer

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Using SQLite, I have a table whose columns are type REAL. I want to round the values to integers, but I keep getting a trailing ".0" at the end of every value. For example:

local $aresult,$irows,$icolumns
$iRval = _SQLite_GetTable2d (-1, "SELECT round(2.52,0) FROM records;", $aResult, $iRows, $iColumns)

returns 3.0. That is the correct result of rounding 2.52 to the nearest integer, but I don't want to display the trailing decimal. How can I make my query omit it?

EDIT: never mind, solved it. Used cast(round(x) as integer).

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According to the SQLLite documentation here http://www.sqlite.org/lang_corefunc.html#round

It would appear if you specify two arguments, a floating-point number is returned. If you only specify one argument, an integer is returned.

Not sure how many operations you're doing, but it may be more efficient to call round() with one argument rather than CASTing every result.

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