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file in use

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while 1
$file = FileOpen("1.txt", 0)
While 1
$line = FileReadLine($file,$a)
If @error = -1 Then ExitLoop
;using this section as a way to escape from reading
$result = StringInStr($line, "Compressor:",1)
if $result = 5 then call("teminate")
func teminate()

i am using the above code to read a text file that is being used and constantly being updated. the stringinstr is what i am using to exit from reading when it has reached the end of the updated file. this is real time showing of the file. that is why it loops.

i am suspecting that it can be rewritten with fileopen in write mode with an error check, but for me doing that myself has illuded me because i am sleepy.




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