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custom made buttons

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i've decided to take a HUGE project upon myself. part one of that project is to make a very custom GUI.

so custom, in fact, that regular windows GUI is not enough.

i'm trying (and failing) to make pretty custom buttons.

the idea is as followed: you click on the button, it changes, and when you let go it goes to whatever i'm going to make.

what i'm failing to do, however, is to make it so that if i "drag" away from the button, it doesn't move to the gui right away.

problem is that my buttons are pictures. so the second i press the button, it doesn't change, just goes to the gui straight away.

i'm not posting this from my computer, so i can't post the code now.

two problems though....

1) when i press the picture, it doesn't change (in case of the exit button), it exits right away.

2) when i drag away, it STILL clicks and doesn't change and still exits...

i'll posts the code when i get home, hope i explained this good enough for this time being

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