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ANSI 2 UTF-8 and back

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i have the script that should

1) open csv file with some data in notepad (initial file encoding is ANSI)

2) save file with the same data in UTF-8 encoding

$csv = (@ScriptDir & "\" & "in.csv")
$hWriteHandle = FileOpen($csv, 128+2)
FileSaveDialog(blablabla, $hWriteHandle)

now it saves in UTF-8

but it saves an empty file

well, in general i just need to switch from ANSI encoding to UTF-8

please, help

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Try this...

$csv = (@ScriptDir & "\" & "in.csv")

$file_save = FileSaveDialog( "Choose a name.", @ScriptDir, "CSV files (*.csv)", 2)

If @error Then
    MsgBox(4096,"","Save cancelled.")
    $file = FileOpen($file_save, 128+2)
    If $file = -1 Then
       MsgBox(0, "Error", "Unable to open file.")
    FileWrite($file, FileRead($csv))



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