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Converting an Access .mdb

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I seem to be getting all kinds of requests for access-related scripts lately, and have been (with the help of these forums) muddling my way through to provide people what they need. I have been perusing the forums and help file for an answer to the question below but have had no luck, so I am hoping that someone might again be able to point me in the right direction:

I am attempting to connect to and convert an access .mdb file from Office 2000 format to Office 2003. Office 2003 is installed on all of the PCs (about 50), but this particular .mdb is installed with an application in the 2000 format. I had planned on simply running msaccess.exe with the /convert switch, but receive the error that this database is "already in the specified format" (which it isn't). However, if I open the database, and manually run a convert, it converts to the Office 2003 format just fine. I'm then able to run the rest of my script on the file. I have the script already creating a custom odbc connection to this file, and am able to run SQL queries through the script just fine, so I know the connection is good. I am simply lost on how to make the call for a conversion, or if it is even possible. I'm wondering if anyone knows of an easy way to make a call via the ODBC or WMI to perform this function in the background. Any suggestions or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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