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Delay for reaining focus on a program

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I used Autoit to call a program that takes a picture. I then copy and the file to another location and exit the script. Then I try to use a program that I have on my tray, and it take an upwards of 6 seconds to get focus on the program in the tray. Anyone have any sugestions? Thank you

; Delete any left over images in the C:\Images folder



; FileDelete("C:\users\armslaptop3\documents\digital microscope\picture\*.bmp")

; Run Dinolite

Run("C:\Program Files\Dino\DinoCapture.exe")

; Wait for the ZoomBrowser to become active


; Take the picture


; Now wait for RemoteCaptureTask to close before continuing



FileCopy("c:\images\*.bmp", "c:\images\1.bmp")


; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

; <AUT2EXE INCLUDE-END: C:\Documents and Settings\marc\Desktop\GetImageCommand.au3>

; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

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