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Need help with proxies

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Hey, im making an autoclicker as my first program. I have it all written out, but im having a problem with it. When i run the program and press start, it just kinda locks up. this is the code i have for when it starts running:

Func running()
if $going = 1 Then
        $count = _GUICTRLLISTBOX_GETCOUNT($ii)
        For $var = 0 To $count - 1
            $usingproxy=_GUICTRLEDIT_GETLINE($input2, $var)
            guictrlsetdata($stat2, $num)
            $num=$stat2 + 1
    Until $going=0

does anyone see a problem as to why its causing it to freeze? thanks


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It compiles and runs on end. Short of a rousing game of 20 questions, it would be useful if you could post code that reproduces the problem you're having.

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