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Beginner question

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Hello all,

I am a novice at AutoIt, and am writing my first script.

My script should run a specific application (proprietary), and once it is active determine if there is a specific text in the window.

If the test exists it should double-click it while holding down the Ctrl key.

If it doesn't exist it should run a 2nd application.

My questions are:

1) how do I find this test? it does not appear anywhere when I use AutoIt window info tool on the window.

2) how do I simulate a double click+ctrl key?

I'm sure that i will have many more questions down the road, but i'll start off with these 2.



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Have you worked through any of the tutorials that can be found in the helpfile? It seems like you haven't. It would be really hard to help you short of writing your script for you if you don't know the basics. Sorry. If you do know the basics then look in the helpfile for the ControlGetText and the ControlSend functions.

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