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I am trying to use ClipGet within a program, but it does not seem to work. Here is what I do --

I select a text - using CTRL C.

Next I invoke a *.au3 script. The script has code something like --

$bugnumber = ClipGet()

Send ( '"& $bugnumber &"' ) .

But what really gets sent is - "& $bugnumber &" - the literal string. Am I doing something wrong here? Can I do copy a text, and then invoke a au3 script, and still expect it to get it??



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Do not put variable names in quotes. Anything in quotes is interpreted exactly as a literal string*

$x = "hello"

MsgBox(0,"", "The variable named $x contains the word " & $x)

*Okay, so there are a few exceptions.... namely Opt("ExpandEnvStrings",1) and the quotation mark characters themselves....

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That worked. But here is what the help file on Send says --

If you with to use a variable for the count, try

    $n = 4

    Send("+{TAB " & $n & "}")

I picked it up from there. Maybe I am reading this wrong. Anyways, removing the quotes does work!

In the line below, I've made each set of quotes color-coded so you can see where they start and end. Now you should be able to see why it works.

Send("+{TAB " & $n & "}")

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