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Au3Record Bug? - Not recording "." keystroke

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I have been using the Au3Record program in its various iterations for a couple of years, but I am having a problem with the latest version. It seems that it is not properly recording the period character keystroke "." or numeric characters if they are input from the numeric keypad. I can see the code that Au3Record produces once it is done recording, and the particular characters I mentioned show up in the Send() command as gibberish in the code, specifically they appear as a square characters.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? I was able to duplicate on two different machines with two different installations. I use Au3Record A TON internally in some of my automation scripts and it is pretty devastating to realize that about a hundred executables that I recorded are trash because of this problem.

If the dev who wrote Au3Record is around, please take a look and see what's up.


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