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Checkboxes is checked then do this help.

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The script below allows you to check up to 8 check boxes. What i would like the script to do it check and see if the checkbox is checked and then do whatever. But i need it to do that for all of the check boxes. Like if 1 4 5 are checked then it will go to the code for 1 4 5 to do whatever it says there.

I figured out the is checked code, but not sure of how to make it do the code in every box that is checked instead of just the first one it finds. Using something like

IF Bitand(GUIctrlread($function1), $GUI_CHECKED) then 
do stuff
check $function2

doesnt work because if the first box is checked it will never find out if multiples are checked. Any help is appreicated to get the logic correct so that it will check all 8 then do whatever is coded for each one.

#include <NomadMemory.au3>
#include <guiconstants.au3>
#include <GuiListView.au3>


$GUI_1=GuiCreate("", 350,200, -1, -1)

$GUI_1=GUICtrlCreateGroup("Function Keys", 10, 10, 330, 100)
GUICtrlCreateLabel("Please check boxes that match the function keys that will be used.", 20, 30, 110, 50)

$function1 = GUICtrlCreateCheckbox("F1", 140,30,30,20)
$function2 = GUICtrlCreateCheckbox("F2", 180,30,30,20)
$function3 = GUICtrlCreateCheckbox("F3", 220,30,30,20)
$function4 = GUICtrlCreateCheckbox("F4", 260,30,30,20)
$function5 = GUICtrlCreateCheckbox("F5", 140,50,30,20)
$function6 = GUICtrlCreateCheckbox("F6", 180,50,30,20)
$function7 = GUICtrlCreateCheckbox("F7", 220,50,30,20)
$function8 = GUICtrlCreateCheckbox("F8", 260,50,30,20)

$start = GUICtrlCreateButton("Start", 120, 130, 100, 50)

Func start()

    If BitAND(GUICtrlRead($function1), $GUI_CHECKED) Then
    MsgBox (0, "Function 1", "F1 is checked", 1000)
    If BitAND(GUICtrlRead($function2), $GUI_CHECKED) Then
        MsgBox (0, "Function 2", "F2 is checked", 1000)


Func quit()

;Leave open till i close you.
While 1
     $msg = GUIGetMsg()
        Case $msg = $GUI_Event_Close
        Case $msg = $start


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Here is what you can do: Build an 8 digit long string, 1st digit will be the state of the 1st checkbox (1=checked, 0=unchecked), 2nd for 2nd checkbox ... and so on.

Check all the boxes and build the result string according to their state.

Depending on the structure of the resulting string (or you can use the string as a binary number), use a Select or Switch statement to take appropriate action.

Warning: the number of resulting combinations might be quite long (256 possible combinations). It would be easier for you to consider only the cases you're interested in.

Good luck,

Note: It would be much easier for you to have the checkbox handles as array elements ($function[1], $function[2] ...)

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ahh yea array would work nicely i think. ill try that first thanks!

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