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Network connection properties - beginner

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I want to install new service into specific network connection, by automatize following steps:

- open the configuration panel for the network card in use

(either right click on the icon on the SYSTRAY, or go to

Control Panel -> Network and select one card)

- click on Properties->Install->Service->Add

- click on 'Driver Disk' and select 'service.inf' in this folder

- select 'this_service' which is the only service you should see

- click accept on the warnings for the installation of an unknown

driver (roughly twice per existing network card)

I run Info window and point mouse over "network connections" window. Than selecting all network connections inside the window (one by one) but text into Info windows does not change. How I can distinguish active network connection in the window? Did I walking good direction in this???

Thank for any comment...

Petr Laznovsky

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