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"" in the V3 line command

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EDIT: Yeah, see what Jon said :whistle:


In case a string or command line commands the double quote mark, you can use single quotes to enclose the entire string.

$example = ' The man said, "Hello." '

Another way is to still use the double quotes for enclosing the entire string but replace any instances of " within the string with "".

$example = " The man said, ""Hello."" "

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Thanks for your solutions.

But, if i want replace the letter F: by a variable like :

$server= " \\server1\\appli"

what is the solution for that the value of variable is visible:

RunWait('msiexec /i "F:\Adobe\reader 6\Adobe Reader 6.0 - Français.msi" /qb-!')

Sorry for my English !!!

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Thanks for your responce.

This is my code:

$server= " \\server1\appli"

$comm= 'msiexec /i " & $server & "\Adobe\reader 6\Adobe Reader 6.0 - Français.msi" /qb-!'


This is what appears in the message box.

msiexec /i " &$server & "\adobe\reader 6\Adobe Reader 6.0 - Français.msi" /qb-!

I must have the value of $server in the commande line like this :

msiexec /i "\\server1\appli\Adobe\reader -\Adobe Reader 6.0 - Français.msi" /qb-!

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