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Passing variables to PHP ?

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Hello ,

I would really like to know how could i pass variables to an online PHP file somethink like status.php?key=15151515415&status=down

I would like to actually do this without user seing it ( like not opening it in explorel or firefox or wahtever) Is there some say to do this ?

Thanks in advance ! :mellow:

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Its not an key logger lol . :mellow: Anyway i think i ve found the answer here

#include <WindowsConstants.au3>

GUICreate("Please Input Question", 260, 50, 193, 125, -1, BitOR($WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW, $WS_EX_WINDOWEDGE))

$i = GUICtrlCreateInput("Enter Question Here", 16, 8, 185, 21)
$b = GUICtrlCreateButton("OK", 216, 16, 33, 25, 0)


While 1
    If GUIGetMsg() = $b Then
        $WinHttpReq = ObjCreate("WinHttp.WinHttpRequest.5.1")
        $s_URL = "http://nick761.mango12.com/oodles/api.php?clue=" & GUICtrlRead($i)
        $WinHttpReq.Open("GET", $s_URL, False)
        $c = $WinHttpReq.ResponseText
        MsgBox(1, "Answer", $c)

If anyone got stuck on the same point as i did :P

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