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noobie - help with GUICtrlSetOnEvent()

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Hi all,

just found out about autoit a couple of days ago and think it's great :(

I've been writing a script and ran into a problem... here is my scenario ->

I have a GUI form created with Opt("GUIOnEventMode", 1) as I need to pass variables from text box form fields...

I have several text boxes each with their own submit button (each field does a different action).

All fine and working.... I've been using:

GUICtrlSetOnEvent($submitF, "SubmitFunc")

so that when a button is clicked the function SubmitFunc() will run.... works fine.

But I dont want to create a new function for every text/submit I have as there will be lots of duplicate code. So what I need to do is pass the value of the text field to the function when the related button is clicked. After looking at the docs for GUICtrlSetOnEvent() I see no way of passing values/variables.

Is this possible or is there some other way to do this? hope this make sense

many thanks


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