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Setting row colors in Excel

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I've been looking for a way to set row colors in excel, and so far I haven't found it. I have done a bunch of searches in the forums, google and the help file, so if I missed it I must have been searching for the wrong information.

Basically I have 2 spreadsheets, one saying all the relevant settings on about 130 computers, and the other has an export of the results of a deployment, and I'm trying to find out what settings are causing the problem.

I want to be able to read in the list of results with computer names, and based on the success or fail, highlight that computer's row in the settings spreadsheet red or green so i can keep rerunning this periodically to see how things are going.

I have everything figured out except how to highlight the row from autoit.

Does anyone know the way to do this, or can at least point me in the right direction?

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Thanks for the help!

I came up with this in a function


$oExcel.Selection.Style = $Style

from recording a macro and taking code from the excel UDF (which I'm not sure why I didn't try first...)

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