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Cant get directory copy to work

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Hi, I am Trying to copy a directory with subfolders but i cant find anything that works, i have also tried the xcopy thing with no luck. heres a snippet of my code.

$Destination = (@ScriptDir & "\Backups\" & $backupname & $TodaysDate & $Time)

If @OSVersion = "Win_XP" then $setpicturesdir = (@DocumentsCommonDir & "\My Pictures") Else
    $setpicturesdir = (@UserProfileDir & "\Pictures")

DirCopy($setpicturesdir, $Destination & "\Pictures",1)

This worked but only copied files in the pictures folder and not other subfolders.

Whats the best way around this?


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NVM - logic bug in my head!


Edit: Missed the obvious! :blink:

Unless I'm getting different results than you, they are all there under the destination directory. In your case, there is only a $Destination & "\Pictures" directory, but under that will be all of them, including $Destination & "\Pictures\Pictures".


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