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Autoit and Autocad

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Hello to everyone. I would like to know if anyone of the comunity has ever used autoit for use with autocad.

I did a litle search in the forum but didn't find anythink

I am intersted in "counting" thinks from an autocad file (ex. how many objects of a specific block are there in a autocad file, measuring distances and thinks like that). I am not interested in creating Autocad files.

Are there any UDFs or macros that i could use.

I would appreciate anu help given

Thanks in advance

Coding can be fun when you do it your own.

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Jeff West

Here's a snippet I got from somewhere that may help you get started:

$oAcad = ObjGet("","AutoCAD.Application.16")
If @error Then
    Msgbox(0,"ObjGet","Failed to open AutoCAD.Application.16 Object. Error code: " & hex(@error,8))

$strActiveDocument = $oAcad.Activedocument.Name

$iBlocks = $oAcad.Activedocument.Blocks.Count
For $i = 0 to $iBlocks -1
    $strBlockName = $oAcad.Activedocument.Blocks.Item($i).name
    If $strBlockName = "TITLEBLOCK" Then
        $iAttributes = $oAcad.Activedocument.Blocks.Item($i).GetAttributes()

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