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Help please ControlSend causes freezes!

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hi guys,

I am from germany and my english is poor (sry 4 that) but I hope you will understand and can give me help with my problem.

I use the following line to send a string + enter to a console every 30 seconds:

ControlSend("Console", "", "[CLASSNN:Edit1]", $randomstatus &"{Enter}")

That works but it causes bad lags in the game für 1-2 seconds. Its not acceptable specially while in multiplayer.

I tried a UDF called "ssend" and another string:

_GUICtrlEdit_AppendText(ControlGetHandle("Console", "", "[CLASSNN:Edit1]"), $randomstatus & @CRLF)

but I dont know if these alternaives will help cause both of where not able to send the "pressed enter key" to the

editfield... the string is in the field but not sended cause of the missing enter/return pressed key!

can someone help !? thanx for your time!

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