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GUID Brute Forcer

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Well, I found this thread earlier, and was inspired to make this, yes I know it is pointless. More info:

Posted Image

Put simply, this application won't be useful to 99% of the people who read this thread, I just made it for fun and it's not really useful for anything in particular. The 1% that find this useful will probably be OCD programmers such as myself.

That aside, what this application does is let you generate semi-customized GUID's, and will brute force them until it finds one that matches what you search for.

If anybody has anybody has any requests, please feel free to ask.


If someone finds a use for this, enjoy.



  • Changed it from tool window to normal window, so it can be minimized and accessed from the taskbar.
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what is this script for?

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Necro-Poster, 7 almost 8 year old dead thread.

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Madness is the first step to understanding...

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