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Script freezing everything!

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Hello all! I just registered (though I've been lurking around for examples and help for some time now[few months])

I didn't find an answer to this topic, so, I registered to ask :blink:

So I made this script that uses mainly pixelgetcolor() function, if the return of this function == the color I'm looking for, it simulates keystrokes (send() and I also tested controlsend() but it seems these functions aren't the ones making troubles). I also have other functions, such as: _kill(), to exit script and another to select the color.

The problem I've been having is that after a few minutes of using it, the operating system freezes for a short amount of time (around 10 seconds) whiles this is happening I can only move the mouse pointer, I cannot change between windows, etc. It keeps doing this forever.

I commented out parts of the script at a time and do tests, the only thing that seems to be problematic is pixelgetcolor(), I don't know why, I've used it before with no problems.

If someone has the answer please do! I'd appreciate it!

A few specs of my computer:

  • OS: Win7
  • RAM: 2Gb DDR2
  • AMD Athlon 64

Here is the code. Sorry about the mess! I left it as is so you people can see what I've tried.

#include <WinAPI.au3>

#include <Misc.au3>

$dll = DllOpen("user32.dll")

Global $status = 0
Global $window = "Galactic"
Global $sleep = 100
Global $keephp = 0
Global $keepmp = 0
Global $xx = 1, $yy = 1, $colorftw = 0x000000

$PID = _WinAPI_GetCurrentProcessID()
ProcessSetPriority($PID, 3)

WinMove($window, "", 0, 0)

;~ HotKeySet("{INS}", "_kill")
;~ HotKeySet("{PGUP}", "_status")
;~ HotKeySet("{PGDN}", "_select")

;~ Global $timer = TimerInit()
While 1
    $mhp = PixelGetColor($xx, $yy)
;~  _hp()
    If _IsPressed("2D", $dll) Then
    If _IsPressed("22", $dll) Then

        If $mhp == $colorftw Then
;~          _attack("1")
;~          _attack("2")
;~          _attack("3")
;~          _attack("4")
;~      Else
;~          _attack("1")
;~  EndIf
;~  $mhp = 0


Func _select()
    $mousecoords = MouseGetPos()
    $xx = $mousecoords[0]
    $yy = $mousecoords[1]
    $colorftw = PixelGetColor($xx, $yy)

;~ Func _hp()
;~  local $diff = TimerDiff($timer)
;~  if $diff >= $keephp Then
;~      local $hp = PixelGetColor(175, 38)
;~      If $hp == 0x181718 Then
;~          ControlSend($window, "", "", "{F1}")
;~          Sleep(50)
;~          ControlSend($window, "", "", "0")
;~      EndIf
;~      Local $hp = 0
;~      $keephp = $diff + 1500
;~  EndIf
;~  If $diff >= $keepmp Then
;~      Local $mp = PixelGetColor(174, 54)
;~      If $mp == 0x131313 Then
;~          ControlSend($window, "", "", "{F1}")
;~          Sleep(50)
;~          ControlSend($window, "", "", "9")
;~      EndIf
;~      $mp = 0
;~      $keepmp = $diff + 1500
;~  EndIf
;~  If $diff >= 30000 Then
;~      $timer = TimerInit()
;~      $keephp = 0
;~      $keepmp = 0
;~  EndIf
;~ EndFunc

;~ Func _attack($vara)
;~  Send($vara)
;~  ControlSend($window, "", "", $vara)
;~  Sleep($sleep)
;~ EndFunc

;~ Func _status()
;~  If $status == 0 Then
;~      $status = 1
;~  Else
;~      $status = 0
;~  EndIf
;~ EndFunc

Func _kill()

Thanks in advanced!

Edited by OKIA

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Not sure if it is documented in the help file, but PixelGetColor used without the [hwnd] parameter is problematic on Vista and up... it has been discussed here before. Get the handle of the window that contains the pixel and use that handle in the function.


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