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I am currently working on something along the lines of a tech support chat bot. The same idea of routing possible solutions to the client without the client knowing it is not a real person. I figure I would add some typical non dictionary dialog to the program so it could figure out what they are trying to say.

Typic Script example:

MARK:Hello, My name is Mark what seems to be your problem?

JOE:I cant git this here windows app 2 werk.

MARK: What is the name of the application?

JOE: Oh hell I think it is call power point.

MARK: Power Point? ok continue.

JOE: I go to file load and it gives me a registy blocked message.

MARK: You receive an error message when you try to open a file type that was blocked by your registry policy settings in PowerPoint 2007 or in PowerPoint 2003?

JOE: alkg agjioerg

MARK: Sorry, did you just lean on your keyboard?

JOE: yeah sorry about that.

MARK: ok so continue with the issue.

JOE: Are you real person?

MARK: Excuse me?


So that is a short example of the AI Bot. This is obviously NOT a game bot but something we are trying to use to alleviate our tech support. If the user figures out he is talking to an AI or doesn't make sense it will tell the client to hold on while it contacts their supervisor. Which would be a real human of course. We have been testing our AI parser and it seems to be working out well.

So my big question to you, should we incorporate the AI parser into the AutoIT script or keep that a separate program? Some people here seem to think it would slow down the response time, imo a person needs time to type and snappy responses are not very human. Others are of the opinion we don't need the AI or AutoIT at all and should just refer people to a wiki. As the boss here, I have final say on this project.

Also it is not my intent to "fool" or make people foolish, some people pull back from automated help systems. We only plan to use the AI help when everyone else is busy. Then as soon as a human worker is available then the AI would say something about, "I think my supervisor Jack can assist you better." and transfer control to that person along with the dialog that was recorded by the AI.

If I do decide the code should be transferred 100% to AutoIT I will be sure to share it with the community. Let me know your thoughts in this matter.

Thank You.

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