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AIM Chat room dice roller.

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Hiya all,

The big project I've been working on (and creating these UDFs for) is an app my buddy and I wanted for our DnD games over AIM Chat. The original version was really nice but we decided to give it a GUI. I did all the GUI work but the original ideas and code go out to my good friend Misidea.


Buttons to roll D4-D100 along with Custom Dice.

Auto-Window activate for AIM Chat Rooms for sending Dice Rolls.

Window Fade-In/Fade-Out upon Open/Closing respectively.

Background "Skin" to give it some flavor.

User option to load thier own "Skin".

Upcoming Additions:

Bug Fixes as needed.

Add an INI file for custom skins*

* For the INI file I'm planning on making the script search the active directory for any new pictures upon boot up. Also, if no INI is present, I'm going to make it create an INI which includes all pictures in the active directory.

Attached is the source code, sample skin, and binary.


P.S. Big thanx to everyone who helped me simply/perfect my UDF code! :(

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