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Links in XP

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Folder links (*.lnk) are not working for me in XP in the FileOpenDialog() function.

If I select a link, it does not go to that folder, it returns that specific file (*.lnk). It should not do this, it should go to the directory in which this file is linking.

This was working recently, I think this is due to our recent upgrade to XP. If I am doing something wrong, let me know.

Create a folder link (for example, create a shortcut to a folder), and try to navigate to that folder using the link in the code below (this code is from the help file for FileOpenDialog).

$message = "Hold down Ctrl or Shift to choose multiple files."

$var = FileOpenDialog($message, "C:\Windows\", "Images (*.jpg;*.bmp)", 1 + 4 )

If @error Then
    MsgBox(4096,"","No File(s) chosen")
    $var = StringReplace($var, "|", @CRLF)
    MsgBox(4096,"","You chose " & $var)



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The link should behave how it does if you double-click a link in Aut2Exe after selecting Browse. It should navigate to that folder. I hope I'm being clear.


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