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Bypass IE security popup

Does this is a known problem?  

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  1. 1. Does this is a known problem?

    • Yes, i looked for a solution like this
    • Ye, but it is not that much of an effort
    • OOOOO, leave me alone, it is known problem, yet simple one
    • Thanks man for sharing.

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Hi all,

For some time now i am facing a new battle around the IE automation scripts.

Whenever a user tries to connect his/her cpanel, they get a windows IE security pop-up, waiting for user and password.

This mainly happen to untrusted domains.

I decided to solve this by the next code :

$cpanelBrowser = _IECreate("http://www.somesite.com/cpanel",0,1,0)

Notice that i donut want the script to wait for the web page to load, and this is for the simple reason, that the pop-up is not a part of the web page

and stands on its own thread.

WinWaitActive("Connect to")
WinActivate("Connect to")

I look for the window with the "Connect to" title and activate it, making it the active (focused) window.

ControlClick("Connect to", "", "[CLASS:Button; INSTANCE:3]")

I press the 3rs index button, in this case is the "Cancel" button. The IE will redirect me to a login page, a simple webpage with connection form, and from this point you are home free with simple _IEGetObjByName and _IEFormSubmit...

Just wanted to share this, i looked for a simple solution, but all saying the same (Something like " It is harder than it is..."). :blink:

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