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FF.au3 picture finding and downloading

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I read through quite a bit of this and I am now trying to figure out the best way to go about downloading pictures from a website.

This is the testing that I have done so far. (most likely wrong syntax)

#Include <FF.au3>
#Include <Array.au3>


If _FFIsConnected() Then
    $aLinks = _FFImagesGetBySize(16, 100, "lt", 0)

this produces an array of


changing the width from 100 to 50 makes


I thought maybe the first array was the first orange line and the four squares at the bottom of the webpage that comes up. Now I'm not so sure. Where am I going wrong? Is this the best way to find an image on a webpage and then what would be the best way to download it? Maybe send a mouse click?

Also I am running firefox 2.0 for compatibility with mozrepl.

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Has anyone ever used _FFImagesGetBySize before? A quick forum search suggests no. Even more so a google search says no too!

Does anyone know if it works or how to use it?

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