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To help get some people off of Xywrite (yes, Xywrite, you heard me correctly), I'm considering developing a GUI that can support some of the basic commands (CA - calling up files, DIR - directory, CD - changing directories, etc.) and integrating it with TextPad as a tool. I'm fairly new to AutoIt, but I've had some success with some of the basic dialogs so far. I'm looking for some suggestions on which controls to use in AutoIt. It would be "Windows Explorer" like, but with a command line (field at the top driving things below). Any suggestions? Or should I just trigger Windows Explorer based on the commands that are typed into a field. Xywrite was command driven, with a line above the document windows that allowed the user to type in various commands to do all types of things. Xywrite had a feature where you could do a directory listing into the document window, key down, then press a key to return to the command line then open the file with a simple CA statement which would open the file your document window cursor was on. Similar to how TextPad's search files/folders works. I'm not sure I want to go to that extreme, but for people that might be resisting change from a DOS based program, this might be helpful to them.

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