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Initially, I'm try to invent a "surrogate" function similar to StatusbarGetText but for Google Chrome browser (as you know, "standard" function or any ControlGetText can't read text from "blue bar" in left bottom corner of Chrome browser window). First of all, I'm try to read whole this area by pixel-by-pixel basis via PixelGetColor - BUT this function return to me pixels color that UNDER "blue bar"! Okay, I'm try another way: capture whole bar by functions similar to _ScreenCapture_CaptureWnd - but results is the same! From other side, capturing of this screen area by utility like FastStone Capture do the RIGHT results... What is the problem with AutoIt fuctions and how to fix this case?

PS also, if anybody show to me ready function or link for initial task (ChromeStatusbarGetText) - I'll be happy! ;-)

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