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Robot AI Fighting World made in autoit

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Hello Friends.

This is Nikita. Bugging you lot again.

I just have had a funny idea. This is just an idea and not a complete project. What I want to be done is that a robot fighting area simulation.

You've seen RobotWars (since AppleII) and CoreWars and similar projects. Now, what about making one in AutoIt? I wanted to do it myself but couldn't figuire out how I could do that. So, anyone interested around who wants to make this?

I've actually thought a basic structure but completely clueless how to even start. Here's the deal.

An autoIt script (the main script) will hold the field and base. It'll have simple editboxes where you can put in AI code and simply hit the start button. The world will be randomly generated and a few obstrucles like rocks/walls will be scattered + upto four players will start from four corners. Players are simple tanks. They can turn around and move and also the canon can turn around and shoot. Tanks can anly move forward and turn 360 degree. But gun can only move 180 degree (to make coding more interesting).

On the other hand other AutoIt scripts (AI) will have some specific APIS like

botGetLOSabjects() ; Returns objects in line of site in an array. Any object outside the line of side will not be interacted with.

The scripts will communicate with mother script using one of the interprocess communication. If we use mailhost, we can even make online/overLAN robots.

The whole process will be visualized with the mother script in a windows. Maybe use Graphic object or GDI to draw the tanks. Tanks do not need to be beautiful at all.

Now, people. Would you like to start the project?

Love you all


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