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StringRegExp Trouble

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I feel like I'm missing something very obvious here. I have this line...

StringRegExp("tt1234567 tt1231234 4242424","(?:tt)[0-9]{7}",3)

and I get this result (as an array):


but shouldnt I get this?


I want to strip out that "tt" and only get things that started with "tt" in the string.

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Because you have no matching groups, the whole match is returned. You want to return a group that contains [0-9]{7}, so group it ;) Because you've done that, you don't need to have a non-matching group for the tt.

StringRegExp("tt1234567 tt1231234 4242424","tt([0-9]{7})",3)

I hope you can understand that... I seem to be talking complete gobbledegook when it comes to explaining programming in words, I was showing my design for a new cricket club website to the first team captain, and after explaining the whole way the database is structured for comments he said "So a bit like facebook then?", I could have said "You can comment a bit like facebook." and that would be all :blink:


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