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Auto vb script

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Following is the source code :

<TD class="tbDivider" nowrap> <A class="tbButton" name="cbButton" id="forward" href="#" Title="Forward"><IMG align=absmiddle width="16" height="16" src="https://mail.bt.com/Exchweb/img/icon-msg-forward.gif"></A></TD>

By writing the script, i can reach on to the page of "sent items". Now By default 1st item is highlighted, which i want to forward.

Can you assist hot to click forward button (Script for the same is above)

Following is the script which i wrote :

Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

Set oIE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")

variable1 = true

if (variable1 = true) then

Call Spectrum(oIE)

End If

Sub Spectrum(oIE)

oIE.Visible = True

oIE.Navigate "https://mail.bt.com/Exchweb/bin/auth/owalogon.asp?url=https://mail.bt.com/Exchange&reason=0"

Call wait(oIE)

set IEObj = oIE.document

IEObj.all.item("username").value = "*******"

IEObj.all.item("password").value = "******"


WScript.sleep 4000

oIE.Navigate "https://mail.bt.com/Exchange/JAINAJ/Sent%20Items/"

WScript.sleep 4000

WshShell.SendKeys "{ENTER}"

WScript.Sleep 4000


'WScript.sleep 4000

End Sub

Sub wait(IEInstance)

'Wait for IE to Load completly

While IEInstance.busy Or IEInstance.readyState <> 4

wscript.sleep 1000


End Sub

Please suggest !!!

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