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[ticket][/ticket]First post on this forum so I appoligize in advance if this is worded incorrectly.

My end goal is trying to place richtext content into the body of an email. I see there are a few posts about similar things however I don't think they apply to what I am attempting; or, I am attempting the wrong thing.

I have created a html taged text string in Access. I can create richtext emails in both Outlook and Lotus Notes without issue. But now I am working through Citrix onto a clientside copy of Outlook. My intent was to use AutoIt to create a new message, add the email addresses (all complete) and paste the rich text into the body. The email body however is not interpreting the html and instead shows all the tags.

Is there a stream option? I've been reading about the Richedit function however I don't need to edit it - just paste it in a way that it is interpreted. As a test, I have copied a previous email text that was formatted and pasted it into the body (ctrl-v) and it works perfectly.

For extra credit :blink:, any other way than passing the formatted text string from Access into AuotIt without having to create a .txt or .tmp file? It is too complex for a cmdline variable (but I did try).

Help is greatly appreciated. A bit frustrated and can't seem to find a clue yet. Thanks.

Green Dot

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