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True or true?

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Does it make any difference whatsoever if

$myvar = False, $myvar2 = True

is used instead of

$myvar = false, $myvar2 = true


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Have you tried ?

What were your conclusions?

Of course I've tried =)

I'm just wondering what is "best practice", good knowing for other languages.

Also if the "incorrect syntax", should such exist, become obsolete in future versions of AutoIT - I'd like to know the correct syntax from the beginning.

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A lot of things in AutoIt don't matter but doing it properly can make the code much easier to read. I'm one of those that will not even bother reading a posted script if it's too messy.

Local $sStr = "Some String", $sStr2 = "Some Other String"

is much easier to read than

Local $sStr="Some String",$sStr2="Some Other String"

although AutoIt doesn't care if the = is surrounded by spaces and a space appears after the comma or not.


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