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Possible to check if program running, make window active & restored?

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Not even a new AutoIt user yet. If this can be done in AutoIt, I'll take on learning it. Haven't found a way in batch. For use in XP.

I need a script that will:

1. Check if an application is running

a. If running, make the window active,

b. AND if minimized make it restored.

c. If not running, start the application as maximized,

d. as well as display a message that lasts for about 5 seconds stating that the application is starting.

(application happens to be very is slow to display any activity when started)

The "restored" part for a minimized window is critical.

Is this something AutoIt can do?

(Bonus if you can help me with the exact script to get me jump started)

If possible I will compile as an exe. (I like that AutoIt can reportedly do this)

Thank you so very much.

Ed Wilson

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Indeed, AutoIt does possess the facilities of which you speak. It is often said that this Ancient Knowledge is buried deep within the bowels of an old, musty tome.

lulz, ok, enough of being a wiseacre. Look up WinExists(), WinActivate(), Run(), that should get you off and running.

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