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Timer Question - RESOLVED

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This is going to be a stupid question but I hope someone can help.

I have a timer in my script which logs the time in seconds it took for the script to complete. In the middle of my script i use a sleep command of 5 seconds. I would like to subtract the 5 seconds from the total time before I write the final results. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Here is my existing code:


sleep(5000)  <------   I want to subtract this 5 seconds from the timer before I wright the results to the text file

$handle = Fileopen("c:\logs\times.txt",1)         ; Open the target file
FileWriteline($handle,Round(TimerDiff($timer)/1000,1))              ; Append text to the target file
FileClose($handle)                     ; Close target file
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I often get it wrong, so I needed to check it. Just added an alternative to the above post. I miscounted the brackets, but it's now correct. :blink:

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