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NES/SNES controller on autoit

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i have a spare computer and i would like to turn it into a huge NES/ZSNES type thing. hook it up to a tv and play games via the emulator.

however, i don't want to use the keyboard to select the games. what i want is to use the SNES controller to select the games via a gui that i'll build for that purpose.

however, i have never messed with SNES controllers before, so i don't know how it input the data to the computer and what data to expect.

i tried the help file, and the closest thing i can think of is HotKeySet.

however, for HKS, i need to actually know what to expect. in this case, i don't.

is there a way to record every key (?) stroke and display it in a message box. (yes, that sounds like i'm going for a keylogger. i honestly don't. i would use a much more retarded method for a keylogger which i know works)

of course, i got the message box part... the part which i seriously can't figure out the getting the keystrokes part.

i searched through the obvious parts of the help file, at least the one i got with the autoit/scite install.

i need a nudge in the right direction. a punt even. a hard one because i have literally no idea where to look at.

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It somewhat depends how the controller is implemented... assuming it's used like a JoyStick, you can try some of these posts:




or a bit more low-level:


It may simply be a keyboard-like device though, emulating key strokes based on button presses...

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