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intercepting recv/call of another process?

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I am new to AutoIt and there's a problem that I've been searching around but have yet to find concrete answers..

The goal:

I want my AutoIt script to be able to intercept and send packets from within another program (a game in this case).

The theoretical solution:

I know that in order to do so I need to either:

- Hook recv/send using my script somehow

- Be INSIDE the target program, like injecting the autoit script into the target program and from there I can just use a socket ID to do all send/recv stuff

I am not looking to create a new connection and recv/send on it but rather to intercept an existing connection of another program from my script. The socketID of the connection i can get using ReadProcessMemory, but it's only valid once the executing code is inside the target process. Does anyone know of a practical solution to this? Any help would be great.

Thanks for reading.

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