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set any program's slide position

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I'm sorry, if it's a stupid question...

Is there any way to get and set a program's slider position?

I would like to write a script, which saves a movie's position when I close VLC player, and set the saved position when I start it again. I like this function in other video players, but VLC doesn't have.

It isn't works:

ControlFocus("[CLASS:QWidget]", "", "[CLASS:QWidget; INSTANCE:9]")
ControlSend("[CLASS:QWidget]", "", "[CLASS:QWidget; INSTANCE:9]", "375525")

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Those controls are being drawn by Qt, not the standard Windows APIs. You would have to find out what messages the environment might send to get/set that parameter. The definitions would be from Qt, not Windows.


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Stupid question? LOL I DIDNT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING! I must be very noob still:/

Next silly post from you that is off topic will get you some time out.

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