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Create Image object from an image on IE and add it to gui

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Hi everyone, I've been searching for a while to a solution to this, and I didn't seem to find it out...

What I intend to do, is to somehow, add to my gui, an image that is currently displaying on an IE page. Is it possible? (I bet it is)

I've been trying something with _iegetobjbyid() , and creating the object successfuly, but now, how do I IMPLEMENT it on the gui?

Some tips would be apreciated.

PS: I'm sorry that i didn't brought up any code, but im realy "blind" on how to do this :S


Since i'm not having any responses, I assume that i said something that doesn't make sense, actualy I'm new with com/objects thing, and I don't realy get how they work.

Anyways, I work with many things in Autoit that I don't truly understand, and have made plenty of working applications.

Yet, I just need to somehow, (either with objects or not) to make an image that is showing on a web page to become part of the gui without downloading it.

Can it be done?

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You could:

1. Download the image

2. Embed IE in your gui to display the page itself. See _IECreateEmbedded() in the help file.

3. Take a screen capture of the desktop region and use that image.


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For my situation I think the better option would be screen shotting it...

Isn't it really possible to do it anyother way than those 3? I really was avoiding those steps.

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