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How to get return value

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I'm trying to convert some code from a Microsoft SDK to AutoIt, in the SDK it says:



Data type: UInt32 Array

Qualifiers: [in]

IDs of member resources.


Data type: Boolean

Qualifiers: [in, optional]

true if resources are approved for the site. The default value is true.

Return Values

An SInt32 data type that is 0 to indicate success or non-zero to indicate failure.

How would I in AuotIt get that return value? It doesn't give any other info or specifics on the objOutParams.X I should use.

I'm trying to do

MsgBox(0, "test", "ReturnValue: " & $objOutParams.ReturnValue)

But I always just see blank... which may mean it is failing, or that I'm not doing it right.



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If it's a COM object call, then it would be returned from calling the method, not as a property. Which SDK is it, and which method are you looking at?


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