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Event not tiggered when navigating treeview using keyboard only (WinPE)

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I created a GUI with few treeviews in it and bunch of buttons, drop downs, tabitems etc.

I use messageloop mode and "switch" for buttons etc... I use Else case for some of my GUIGetMsg() "in-loop" code. Accessing treeview is located there.

When I browse my treeview just with keyboard in Win7 based WinPE ELSE case does not get triggered. All I need to do is to move a mouse and my GUI gets updated after ELSE case is executed. I want to trigger ELSE case just based on keyboard navigation in treeview in case mouse is not available. How can I do it?

I know messageloop mode pauses if there are no events to save CPU but why keyboard doesn't trigger anything. Everything works just fine in regular full Win OS. Any ideas? Thanks a lot!


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